Voertuigen - Episode 3

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On the way to the playground come Toby the monkey and Pepper the Parrot all kinds of vehicles. Bax the bear asks if they want to bring a bicycle Bell for him. In addition to the well-known television broadcasts of the animated series ' StoryZoo ' at RTL Z@ppelin, there are now also (for) read booklets available, based on the eponymous episodes. The intent is to toddlers and preschoolers to playfully English words and short sentences to learn, through cheerful stories with a recognizable theme. This is the fourth part of ' StoryZoo ' * about a birthday with short stories about the car, bike, kart, crane truck and one (bolder) cart. After a brief sketch of the situation is the text from a lively dialogue between Toby and Pepper. Toby speaks in Dutch (black letters), Pepper in English (blue lettering). That way the children hear the words in both languages. On page illustrations with large (computer) often brightly coloured animals etc. on a background of soft colors are the simple English words in frames and speech bubbles. Occasionally get the readers a small (search) command. Be playful about fifty English words learned. From approx. 2 to 6 years. 


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